Who funds the Town Creek Foundation?

Town Creek is a private endowed foundation. We are fully funded, and we do not need or accept contributions from other sources.

What types of organizations are eligible for funding from Town Creek?

The Town Creek Foundation makes grants to public charities classified as tax-exempt under section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


The Foundation does not provide grants for:

  • programs or organizations outside of the United States
  • individuals
  • primary and secondary schools
  • colleges or universities, except when some aspect of their work is an integral part of a program supported by the Foundation
  • hospitals or health care institutions
  • ministry or religious programs
  • endowment, capital or building fund campaigns, or for the purchase of land and/or buildings
  • research or scholarship programs
  • conferences that are not part of a program supported by the Foundation
  • publication of books and periodicals
  • visual or performing arts projects

How do I apply for funding from the Town Creek Foundation?

Please start by reading the Programs and Application Process pages of this website. All of the information that you need is provided there.

Is it really necessary to submit a letter of inquiry? Wouldn’t it save time for everyone if I just sent a full proposal?

Sending a letter of inquiry is required for all organizations seeking a grant from the Town Creek Foundation. It is our hope that the letter of inquiry process will make the best use of the grant seeker’s time as well as of our own.

To whom should I send my letter of inquiry?

Letters of Inquiry can be submitted on line here.

Once I’ve submitted my letter of inquiry, whom can I contact to follow up with a meeting or phone call?

Our staff will contact you if we believe that your letter of inquiry warrants a full proposal. We encourage you not to contact us unless and until you have been invited to submit a full proposal.

Is there a deadline for submitting a letter of inquiry?

Deadlines for submitting letters of inquiry and proposals can be found on our Application Process page.

How often does the Board make funding decisions?

The Town Creek Foundation Board meets twice a year (spring and summer) to consider funding requests.

Does the foundation fund operating expenses and general support as well as project support?

The foundation makes both general and project support grants. If your letter of inquiry indicates a fit between your needs and our programs, we will work with you to help determine the appropriate type of request.


Does the foundation have an indirect costs policy?

The maximum allowable indirect cost rate the foundation will accept from a university or community college is 15% of the total TCF grant budget, excluding the indirect costs amount.

How much money should I ask for?

Ask for what you need. There is no penalty for asking for more money than we might consider appropriate.

Do you expect organizations to write their Letters of Inquiry, proposals, and reports to the maximum allowable character limits?

No.  We have provided character limits to the maximum allowable in the system, so as to provide enough space for groups to describe their work.  We do not expect groups to answer each question with an answer of the maximum allowable of 10,000 characters.